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It is electrical current generated between dissimilar metals that are in direct contact in a plum which causes destructive corrosion, not to be confused with chemical corrosion, which also exist in order to successfully combat the galvanic corrosion, the metal parts must be separated in the electrical current is below 1% of the galvanic current which would exist with metal-to-metal. This is the function of the dielectric(isolated) union and flange differentiating them from the stand and flange or pipe fittings.
Use dielectric unions and flanges wherever dissimilar metals occur in piping and plumbing system an electrically insulated connection is required such as Water Storage Tanks, Gas Piping, Air C Water Conditioners, Oil piping, Plating Tanks, Water Pump and Steam Lines.
The sudden shut off in a plumbing system can cause damage. This damage comes from the suddenly increase in water pressure, and is referred to as "water hammer". That is where the banging sound comes from which results in high pressure shocks causing damage to the pipelines and the equipment.
Water hammer arrestors are suitable for use in pipelines where sudden shut off such as solenoid valves and push-pull faucets. It is common to use arrestors with washing machines, icemakers and urinal flushers.
SU-Water Hammer Arrestor can absorb the suddenly increase in water pressure, to protect the pipelines and related equipment. SU-Water Hammer Arrestor is essential to the protection of your pipes.
- Maximum operating temperature : 120°C(200°F)
- Surge Pressure : 10kg/cm2
- Maximum working pressure : 30kg/cm2
- En-charged nitro gas pressure : 6kg/cm2(60PSIG)
- EPDM seals andO-rings
- ASSE 1010 approved
- Endurance of 5,000 on/off cycle test on the temperature of 20°C and 82°C. Maximum endurance is 50,000 cycles.