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Seoul Union Co, Ltd. produces XL-Pipe with the best quality. It is cross-linked to change the molecular structure from linear shape to 3-dimensional network to improve heat resistance durability, chemical resistance and flexibility. By taking those technical advantages, S.U. XL-Pipe is mainly used for water supply, hot water supply, and underfloor heating.
- Warm water supply and underfloor heating system for house apartment, hotel, shopping mall, school, gymnasiums.
- Drinking water and cool & warm water supply for house apartment, hotel, bathroom/bathhouse, hot spring pipe.
- Industrial Use Pipe for chemical plant pipe-for heat exchanger & coil-solvent transportation pipe.
- Warm water heating pipe for agricultural products and livestock, floor of pigpen, chicken farm, fish farm and green house-warm water heating pipe.
- Irrigation pipe cultivation of vegetable and fruit.
It is not easily damaged due to no rusing corrosion or scale. This pip has good creep resistance and stress cracking resistance.
Smooth internal wall of the pipe allows good water circulation and no scale, so a comfortable room temperature is always maintained.
This pipe is of outstanding material that has good and heat resistance within the extreme temperature range -10°C ~ 120°C.
Light weight and good flexibility allow very convenient installation. In addition, the connection is available only with common fastening tools and the close mechanical combination provides.
Cost of construction and management of this pipe is less than existing products. In addition, no distortion may rise along the pipe due to external weight effect.
Graphss below show the long-term stability according to piping material.
SU-XL Pipe may be bent by hands to the desired angle. It must be over the munimum both hands distance not to be folded, and over the minimum bending radius after bending. When it is under the minimum bending diameter, the shape must be in the form of a dumbbell.
After bending heat with torch lamp and cool naturally.
- Please, take care of the scratch when you carry or install the pipe.
- Please, keep away from the direct sunlight for a long time.
- Before pipeline burial, Hydrostatic Pressure Test should be done for checking the risk of leakage in the connected parts.
- For open piping or parts, coating-treatment is needed to avoid damage caused by the direct sunlight from outdoor.