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- High Durability & Excellent corrosion resistance
- Easy installation especially in a tiny space
- Very Cost Effective
- Certificated by KFEQ Inspection
Basically consisted of 3 parts: Flexible tube, Nut and Sprinkler-head
- Nut with east connection to pipe, piping without tube twisting, insulated for corrosion-resistance
- With best quality, great durability and corrosion resistance for each part.
- Without leakage, distortion, deformation, or damage against air-pressure.
- In accordance with vibration test, bending test, fraction test, etc.
- Designed to allow eash installation in tight places.
- Easy to connect and to install.
- Good Adjustable to required any position
- Improved for the convention piping works.
- very cost-effective since it reduces the time required in installation.
- Excellent earthquake-proof.
- Highly resistance to pressure and corrosion and has high tensil strength.
- Lengths are adjustable on request from 500L to 3700L.
- With the quality certificate obtainedd KFEQ in Korea.
- With the high quality has been widely used abroad.
※ Please contact us for further information on request.
- Length of tube : within Nominal diameter value +-10%
- Length of diameter : within +-Nominal diameter value 1%
- Inner Diameter should be suitable to enough water fluid.
- Name of product
- Manufacturing date
- Max. pressure
- Nominal diameter and length
- Manufacturer